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Used Ford Super Duty Trucks in Central Florida

USED FORD SUPER DUTY TRUCKS at Mullinax Ford in Central Florida

Used Ford Super Duty Truck from Mullinax Ford in Central Florida

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Mullinax Ford is the place to find the largest Ford inventory in Central Florida, which is largely why we are also a leading dealer of used Ford Super Duty trucks. From the multi-purpose Ford F-250 SD pickup to the work-ready F-350 SD truck or F-450 chassis, we have a wide range of pre-owned Super Duty models to accomplish just about any type of job you can conceive of in the Orlando, Apopka, or Kissimmee area. But we do more than sell used F-Series trucks for private and commercial clients. Another benefit of shopping at Mullinax Ford is that we save you money on your Super Duty truck in two ways. With our UpFront® Price system, we assign each model in our used inventory the lowest price that we can sell it for from the start. So there's no need to haggle or worry about what someone else paid for a similar vehicle because every customer gets the lowest price every time. The second way we save you money is by not asking for it. In other words, we do not have dealer fees at Mullinax Ford, and with no dealer fees to pay, you keep more money in your pocket. Contact us today, and we'll get to work finding you the Ford Super Duty truck that fits your budget and, of course, gets the job done!

Used Ford Super Duty Trucks at Work Site in Kissimmee, FL

Our Ford Super Duty Inventory

Our used Ford Super Duty truck inventory features perhaps the widest range of pre-owned heavy-duty pickups you have ever laid eyes on, at least in this region of Florida. Yet, our Super Duty lineup specifically contains the truck models you have asked for the most based on your driving needs and lifestyle. Used F-250 SD trucks, for example, are perhaps our hottest selling truck model in the Super Duty category. This is based on the versatility of the F-250. With strong towing and hauling capabilities but reasonably efficient performance, drivers have found this truck to be good for daily driving tasks as well as handling weekend recreation. And here in Florida, boating, camping, car shows, and other activities that require trailers are not seasonal but year-round, which means having a strong and durable truck like the F-250 SD is ideal. We also have fair amounts of farming and ranching here in our warm climate, however, which means larger sized Super Duty trucks can be needed for tackling bigger jobs. Thankfully, though, we have the right used Ford pickups to handle any job you may have.

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Benefits of Super Duty Trucks

There are several benefits to owning a pre-owned Ford Super Duty, especially for drivers in the Orlando, Apopka, and Kissimmee areas. First off, Super Duty trucks tend to be used for attending to heavy-duty work, which means having a used truck that can immediately take some punishment without fear of getting it dirty, like you would with a new truck, is an advantage. Also advantageous about pre-owned versions of these trucks is their affordability. Large in size and containing powerful engines plus loads of interior features, brand new Super Duty pickups can push against the ceiling of your budget fairly quickly. However, used trucks of this kind have prices that are well below the costs of a new model, yet because it is a Ford truck, you know it'll remain dependable for the long term. Meanwhile, our dealership sells both pickups and chassis versions of certain pre-owned Ford F-Series Super Duty models. With a used F-350 Chassis truck, for example, you can add on to the exterior your own flat-bed or compartment to suit your personal or commercial business needs.

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As any chef at a nice restaurant here in Central Florida, and he or she will tell you that cooking and baking are totally different. Well, it's sort of the same way with buying a car versus a truck. Shopping for a truck involves different considerations, such as weighing the costs and benefits of fuel economy versus towing capability or interior space versus bed length. That's why it is helpful to visit a truck dealer with both a large and diverse inventory as well as sales staff who are knowledgeable about trucks and can answer your questions or give guidance. At Mullinax Ford, we can help you will all of your heavy-duty truck needs thanks to our extensive used Ford Super Duty inventory. From F-250 SD pickups to F-350 Chassis models plus an assortment of model years and trim levels of these pre-owned trucks in stock, we can help you drive home in the perfect truck for you. That is why drivers from Orlando, Apopka, Kissimmee, and beyond have continuously chosen to browse our Ford inventory, the largest one in Central Florida when looking for their next used Super Duty pickup. Visit us today to find yours!

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